IMG_0540About two weeks ago, Baby Gecko joined us. It’s been an intense, draining, terrifying, amazing time since his arrival. My family was here for the first week, and my mama stayed another week longer. Having that support made adjusting to the new, demanding, presence easier. Also, being so very exhausted for the first few months of pregnancy prepared me somewhat for the tiredness now; it also has made it easier to ignore housework.

While I was pregnant (and since giving birth, as well), I repeatedly heard the advice “Sleep when the baby sleeps”. That advice sucks has been difficult to follow. So this post is going to be a bit on the disjointed random side. It’s also been written and rewritten in my head over the past three weeks, since our visits to town have become carefully orchestrated expeditions planned around baby things rather than internet time, and at home my arms are usually full of baby rather than laptop. At some point, I will post pictures of our winter so far, and the crafting I’ve been doing, and more on the baby. It may be July before I get to it, though.

When I look at his little face, I wonder who he is going to grow up to be. I want to protect him from everything that might ever hurt him and at the same time, have him grow to be as kind and strong and loving as his father. As I sit on the couch, watching Mr. Gecko with Baby Gecko asleep on his chest, I realize, for the thousandth time since Baby Gecko’s birth, how much I love this man and the small life we have brought into this world.