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DSC_0088We are still awaiting the arrival of Baby Gecko. Between getting baby supplies and getting the house ready so that we can fit those supplies, I haven’t been spending much time taking pictures. I’ve done crafty things, but none that I can post yet. But I did make it out on the National Elk Refuge last week to take some pictures.DSC_0031Every winter, bighorn sheep move down from the higher elevations in the area, and many of them come onto the Refuge to spend the cold months. DSC_0047This ram came right down the hill towards me, then crossed the road to see some lady rams. He was not successful. DSC_0071I heard headbutting, but didn’t see any. These two were just hanging out.

I’ve got family coming in for Baby Gecko’s arrival, so there will probably be more wildlife photos to come, depending on when Baby decides to arrive.DSC_0056