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I saw a review of The Science of Mom, by Alice Callahan, on one of my favorite blogs, Science Based Medicine. Since I was registering for baby things around that time, I added it to our list, and I’m glad I did.

The Science of Mom is written by a scientist who’s also a mother and was tired/confused/frustrated with the amount and quality of pregnancy and baby-rearing advice out there. I have been pretty lucky in that I haven’t had random strangers offer me advice (or touch my belly), but I have read lots of conflicting information on the internet (of course) and in various books. In this one, though, the author reads through the scientific studies on a variety of baby topics and explains the results. The book is thorough without being overwhelming, and she is careful to break down the quality of the data available on each subject. There’s also a very helpful section on scientific studies in general, and what makes a study stronger or weaker, which can be used to do your own research on topics she doesn’t cover (or ones she does, for that matter). This book didn’t answer all of my questions, but it did help me to feel much more comfortable about the topics she covers.