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What to knit photo

I’ve been working on getting the house ready for Baby Gecko. In between eating and napping, that is. I haven’t gotten nearly all of the projects done that I wanted to have done by this point, but that’s ok. We have clothing, diapers, and a place for him to sleep; everything else will get done when it gets done.

I have yarn for three more hats, two blankets, and a jacket. They’ll get done eventually. I also have lots of other yarn, some with projects in mind and some without, but those are now further down the list…

The first knitted project that I made for Baby Gecko was the hat below. It’s from this Swirl Hat pattern on Ravelry. The pattern was pretty easy to follow. I used the yarn in the photo above, and then went out and bought a set of Addi Turbo circular knitting needles. Turns out, I don’t like working with double pointed knitting needles. I managed to use them to finish the hat, but I’m going to try and avoid them until I’m more confident with regular knitting.

IMG_20151113_111132191I accidentally switched directions while working on this project, but fortunately, it happened when I was about halfway through, so it looks intentional. It wasn’t, but by the time I figured out what had happened, I decided it was easier to just go with it rather than figure out how to pull out multiple rows of tiny stitches. He won’t care, anyway.

Things have really quieted down in our area. Most Yellowstone roads are closed, and there’s not enough snow for winter sports. The wildlife is pretty abundant, though. We’ve been seeing a pine marten in the neighborhood this year, and the foxes are back. We’ve gotten a little more snow, but nothing too extreme yet. Overall, it’s been a good start to the winter.IMG_20151113_112704970