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Sunset with moonIt wasn’t until I sat down at the coffee shop to post this that I realized it’s been a month since I posted a blog… I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I promise. I had good intentions of blogging while we were on our trip to California, but that didn’t happen. Apple BoxWe had a great trip, spending time with family and friends and eating my way through many of my favorite restaurants. I also picked up a few skeins of yarn and some things to decorate Baby Gecko’s room. Between the baby shower that my sister put together, pass downs from friends, and hitting a giant consignment sale, we are well supplied for Baby Gecko’s arrival. The house isn’t ready yet, by any means, but we have a couple of months for that.

Sugar in carI played with a lot of yarn on the two days it took us to drive each way. I checked out a book from our library of crochet patterns for baby clothes, and made a couple of items from it. I didn’t like the way the booties turned out, but the jacket turned out cute. I had intended to take a picture of the finished items before I left for town today, but I didn’t. Here’s a picture of Sugar on day 1 of our drive. We did some rearranging at our first stop so that she had a bit more padding for her chin. Bull MooseOn one of my last days at work, this guy was crossing the parking lot looking for lady friends. I had to stop and take a couple of pictures. Our snow hasn’t arrived yet, but we may get some this week. I wrote this post intending to post it last week, then walked off and left my laptop at home. Since then, we’ve had a dusting of snow most days, but it’s all melted off before the end of the day.Frozen YogurtThis was my first odd pregnancy combination (that I actually ate): salted caramel pretzel frozen yogurt, cereal marshmallows, nerds candies, cookie dough, and peanut butter cup bits. It was pretty tasty. My goals for the next month are to write more blog posts, do some freezer cooking, and get more of the house ready for the baby. Oh, and to crochet something for myself, maybe with the lovely wool-silk blend yarn I bought in California.