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Aspens changing color in front of pine trees.Fall arrived in the Tetons a couple of weeks ago, although you wouldn’t notice it by the weather today. The aspen leaves are changing color in the northern part of the valley, but the colors are not as spectacular this year as they were last year. The cottonwood trees and willows seemed to have rapidly gone from summer to winter, as many of them are already bare. Bull moose walking through sageMr. Gecko and I have been wading through the somewhat baffling process of creating a baby registry. When we registered for items for our wedding, it was pretty easy. We both had our own things, and knew pretty specifically what we still needed. Baby things are a whole new field, and it doesn’t help that we live far enough from major shopping that I can’t just go and touch things. We’re slowly figuring it out, though. It helps that many of our friends have had babies, and we are getting plenty of pass-downs. A bearver swims across the reflection of mountains.My work season is winding down, so expect more project posts. I have a long list of things that I want to get done before our little gecko arrives. I have been able to get out and take some photos as things slow down and I have more energy. This beaver is part of a colony that lives at Schwabacher’s Landing in the park. Mt. Moran at sunriseMr. Gecko went out this morning, early, to take some sunrise pictures. These last two are his. I was still in bed, trying to catch up on sleep while I can. Hopefully soon I can catch up on blogging, too…Mt. Moran just after sunrise