DSC_0616It’s been a busy, busy summer.

DSC_0105Between learning a new job (which I love), guests, and getting the house ready, I’ve had hardly any time to prepare the post I’ve been planning for at least two months. DSC_0499So today, sitting at the coffee shop in town, I’ve decided that I’m going to post without the preparation I had been planning. IMAG0858So here it is (if you haven’t guessed already):IMAG0064Baby Gecko will be hatching the end of December! Mr. Gecko and I are very excited. I’ve already started projects for Baby Gecko, and have many more planned. We’ll see how many I get done. Yes, I had morning sickness (for 5 months); we know what we are having (a boy); and my cravings have not been bad.

Although every time I see someone with a shirt from a certain California-based burger chain which doesn’t have a location within 5 hours of us, I kind of want to strangle them… Which I would never do, by the way.