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DSC_0050Our wildflower season started early this year. Between work and visitors, I didn’t get much chance to go out and take pictures of the early blooms, so the photo above is from last year. I have been saving up flower pictures for a couple of months, and now seems like a good time to post them. StonecropThis is Spearleaf Stonecrop. It’s a succulent that grows in dry, rocky areas of the park, which means it grows pretty much anywhere flat. BluebellI think this is a kind of Bluebell, but I’m not sure. Even with four flower books, I’m still not sure of the identification of some of the flowers.Sticky GeraniumThis one is Sticky Geranium with some sort of bug on it. There’s some that grows in our backyard. Common Hound's-tongueCommon Hound’s-tongue is an invasive species that has moved into the park. It’s not as common as some of our other invasives, but I have seen it in a couple of different places. Striped CoralrootThis is Coralroot, one of my favorites. It doesn’t photosynthesize. Instead, it gets its nutrients from decaying matter in the ground.BeardtongueThere are many species of Beardstongue in the park, and this is one of them. I love the color.PaintbrushWe also have a lot of Paintbrush species. This one was up in Yellowstone.DSC_0147I have more flower pictures, which I will post in a couple of days, but for now I will leave you with a mystery. I have no idea what this one is. It was growing in the thermal areas of Yellowstone, and the flowers were brilliant pink.