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DSC_0013One of the reasons that I’ve fallen behind on my posts is that I’ve had family come to visit. My sister came and stayed for a week in June, and my parents are wrapping up a visit. String LakeMy mama was here by herself for a week, then my dad rode his motorcycle over to join us. While my mama was here, I took her up into Yellowstone, and those pictures will be up soon. For now, here are pictures that we took when we went through Grand Teton. The one above is String Lake.DSC_0049We went out to Kelly Warm Springs, and these blue butterflies were everywhere.Moulton BarnThis is one of the Moulton Barns. It’s probably the most photographed barn in the US. DSC_0062The back side of a male Mountain Bluebird.DSC_0358This is the Snake River just down the road from our house. It’s one of my favorite spots.DSC_0385This cheeky little fellow is a Yellow-rumped Warbler.DSC_0419And here he is in action.DSC_0098There are beavers in the park, and we happened upon one in the afternoon.DSC_0408The view from Schwabacher’s Landing.DSC_0444It wouldn’t be a Teton trip without a marmot, and this guy was cooperative enough to pose on a fence. Stay tuned for Yellowstone pictures…