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It’s been a month and a half since my last post… Mt. Moran from Oxbow BendI had good intentions, honestly, but I just never sat down and wrote anything. It’s been a busy few weeks. I changed jobs, Mr. Gecko’s parents came for a visit, we got a new camera, and my sister came for a visit. I feel like I’m just now catching up. Except for laundry, but we don’t need to talk about that. Or the state of my various yarn projects…DSC_0001Anyway, I’m going to make up for it with a couple of catch up posts, but not in order. The pictures in this post are all from my sister’s visit, and all taken with my new camera. Of course, the first pictures that I took with the camera were of the Sugarbeast.My sister had a list of animals that she wanted to see during her visit. We didn’t see all of them- moose are elusive this time of year- but we did see two of them in the first few hours after her arrival. We didn’t get pictures of the fox, but we did get pictures of this grizzly and her cubs. From a safe distance, of course.DSC_0077We also went into Yellowstone for a day. There were bison scattered all over Hayden Valley, including this guy by Yellowstone River.DSC_0101She didn’t really want to stop at any of the thermal areas, but I made her stop at Mud Volcano. It was on our way, and you shouldn’t visit Yellowstone without stopping at least briefly at one thermal feature. There were four bison hanging out next to the path, so we spent more time looking at them than the bubbling mud.DSC_0114DSC_0120Many of the bison are still shedding their winter coats, and it makes them itchy.DSC_0144The bird on the bison is a brown-headed cowbird. They hang around (or on) the bison and eat the insects that are stirred up by their feeding. DSC_0281One of the animals that was not on her list was this Great Grey Owl, who has been spending his days close to one of the roads in the park. DSC_0256The first picture in this post, the two above, and the one below were all taken by Mr. Gecko. He’s spent more time playing with the new camera than I have…DSC_0222