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It's Coffee Time Picture ProjectWe’ve got guests coming to visit again this summer, and I no longer have the excuse of being recently moved to explain the state of the house. Not that I’m really concerned with having a perfect house (Sugar took care of that pretty quickly), but I would like it to have some decoration. In the coming weeks, I’m going to be hanging more pictures and Mr. Gecko and I are going to recover a chair, but this week I started small.

I’ve seen photos of prints with this design on them floating around the internet for a while. While we were in Idaho Falls, city of multiple craft stores, I picked up the materials I needed for this project: scrapbook paper, a shadowbox frame (they were out of brown, so I bought a black one), foam stickies (since I can’t find mine), puffy leather-look letters, and a clock face. I wanted a clock sticker, but I couldn’t find one, so I settled for the metal clock face multi-pack. SuppliesFrom there, it was pretty quick. I cut the patterned paper to fit the 8 x 8 inch frame. I cut out circles for the plate, coffee cup, and coffee, then cut a scrap of paper for a handle. Using flat stickies (which I already had), I stuck the clock face to the coffee circle, then stuck the coffee circle to the cup circle. I also used a flat sticky to attache the handle piece to the cup. I used foam stickies to stick the cup to the plate and the plate to the printed paper. PiecesI cut the letters out to lay them out on the paper. They were a little bigger than I had planned on using, but I liked the coloring and texture that they added, so I rearranged the layout of the project. IMAG0822Being a “fly by the seat of my pants” sort of crafter on occasion, I didn’t measure much or draw lines for letter placement; I mostly eyeballed it. I’m happy with how it turned out, though, and it took longer to buy the supplies than it did to put it together.It's Coffee Time Project