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DSC_0084Ah, March, where did you go?

Remake of Mr. Gecko's hat to actually write the pattern down this time.

Remake of Mr. Gecko’s hat to actually write the pattern down this time.

I had many plans for this month, including finally starting an Etsy site, posting a pattern, and finishing the reworking of a certain baby blanket. I did finish some things, and I started on the blanket, but there was alsoDSC_0076and DSC_0118I did some knitting, too. I finished my first attempt at a hat, and I learned that I need to get in the habit of knitting gauge swatches. I generally don’t with my crochet, because I can usually tell how a piece is going to look. Knitting is still pretty new to me, though, and I had to restart the hat three times, once when it was halfway worked up and waaay to big and floppy.  My next hat will be a little more complicated and I’ll knit a swatch first.IMAG0800My current crochet project is a reworking of the Tardis-inspired baby blanket I made last summer. I wrote the pattern down as I went, transferred it to my computer last month, and now I’m remaking the blanket to make sure the pattern is (relatively) glitch free.IMAG0802I still intend to complete my plans, but they are a bit delayed. Maybe April? IMAG0806This is Cricket, the grouchy old lady cat. I bought this bed for her 8 years ago, and she has NEVER used it. Until last week, that is. Now, it’s her favorite sleeping spot. I guess that means that I can reclaim my reusable shopping bags that she had been using. Ah, the perversity of cats…