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DSC_0030 I’m not a basketball fan. For that matter, I don’t really watch any televised sports often. I did have a teacher in high school who was a college basketball referee, though, and I like the phrase March Madness, so I’m stealing it for this post. Clear as mud, right?

DSC_0095Winter had one more little kick for us this past week- we got an extra six inches of snow last Tuesday, and had to break out the shovels one more time. This picture was taken about 25 miles to the south of us, where the snow didn’t really stick, but the clouds were beautiful.

DSC_0073More moose are moving north, and a small group of them have been hanging out near the road the past few days. This guy is usually off by himself, but close to the others.DSC_0100DSC_0103DSC_0107These five seem to like hanging out, at least for now. As the weather warms up, they will all go their separate ways.DSC_0121Sorry for the blurry picture- this was taken fairly early in the morning without flash. This red fox lives in our area, and we see him quite frequently. His story is a bit unfortunate. In the summer, he roams through the campground just down the road, and people feed him. Not only is that illegal, his summer diet pretty inappropriate and unhealthy for a fox. It also means that in the winter, he’s on his own, and he roams through our housing area hoping that someone has left food out (pretty rare). The park staff does what they can to keep people from feeding him, but they can’t be everywhere. If he were to nip someone while they were feeding him, the person he bit would have to have Rabies vaccinations, and the fox would be euthanized. The moral of the story: DON’T feed the wildlife, no matter how pitiful or tame they look.DSC_0075To end on a happier note, here are mas moosen. I know the plural of moose is moose, but I like moosen better. So there.