The two hats, finished and blocking.

The two hats, finished and blocking.

I worked up two hats over the past week or so, both for a friend of mine in California. It gave me a chance to play with some new yarn and new patterns.


Photo taken with flash.

This hat is the first one I worked on. The yarn, Manos del Uruguay Maxima, was suggested by one of the ladies at my LYS because it is soft on sensitive skin and warm. It’s also a beautiful, vibrant color. I found the pattern on Mr. Micawber’s Recipe for Happiness. I knew the pattern was the one I wanted to make as soon as I saw the picture of the finished project.


Detail photo without flash.

The increases in the pattern were a little odd, not as regular as with most hat patterns, and it took some concentration to get the hat started. I like how it turned out, though, and I love the look of the stitch pattern. I also like the little button band, which covers up the joins for the edging rows quite nicely.