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Since I’ve been slacking some on posts, this is going to be a bit of a catch-up post, with more to come in the next few days. I’ve been busy with yarny things, and I’m working on writing up a couple of new patterns, so expect more on that soon.IMAG0762Last weekend, there was a moose hanging around where I work. In the afternoons, on my way out, it would be pretty close to the road, so I was able to get some decent pictures, which I’ll post later. It would also go on walkabout through the parking lot, but I was working during those times, so this picture is as close as I got. 20150307_130044I was able to do some distance shopping with my mama this past weekend, as well. One of the LYS’s in her town is also an outlet yarn store, and they were having a big sale. Between text messages, pictures, and a phone call, all crammed into my lunch break, we worked out which yarns I would like. She sent me pictures of what she ended up with, and the caption on this one was “Happy Birthday”. 😀DSC_0076One of the things I enjoy about living in a small town is reading the police blotter in the paper. A while ago, I discovered that the newspaper across the pass in Idaho puts their sheriff’s logs online. Whoever writes them must have a similar sense of humor to mine, because I find them very amusing. One of my favorites so far, brought to you by TetonValleyNews.net:

“A woman reported that a man walked into her home early in the morning. He was so drunk that he didn’t know where he was. He didn’t want to leave… (and) wasn’t making any sense. The woman and her family were able to get him out of the house… In an interview, the woman said her dog, a pug, was useless and did not even wake up during the incident.”