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Book three is one that I’ve had for a while, and finally sat down to read on Kindle. My battery died, and so I put it away for a few days, then came back and finished it.

The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman, is about a boy who ends up being named Nobody Owens. His family is murdered while he is just a baby, and he escapes by wandering into a graveyard. The ghosts and other mysterious inhabitants raise him and protect him from the murderer. He is taught many things, few of which are practical in the outside world, and the ghosts end up taking the place of his family.

I have yet to read a Gaiman book that I don’t like. This one was no exception. The story was weird and wonderful, but strangely believable. The weirdness in the book was seamlessly woven in, rather than being used to push the story along. I’ll read it again someday.