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DSC_0034This is going to be a bit of a cheater post. I’ve spent the last few days wrapped up in blankets drinking tea. Despite all of my precautions, I picked up a virus, and ended up having to stay home sick. Meh.

I’m feeling mostly better now, but I didn’t get any of the posts I’d planned on writing written. Same for the photos. Next week, there will be pictures of my second knitting project and a crochet scarf I’ve just finished…

The day before I really started feeling rotten, I was driving home from work and caught sight of a moose munching along a creek bed. DSC_0023Since my camera now lives in my car for the most part, I turned around and took a few pictures. DSC_0029DSC_0041Mr. Gecko took advantage of my houseboundness to take my car to work instead of his (better mileage). He was on his way home a couple of nights later during a beautiful sunset. He wished that he had a camera with him, then remembered that I keep mine in my car. He pulled over and took all of the sunset pictures in this post. DSC_0038He’s hired. DSC_0042Next week, I promise more posts. And more effort.