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DSC_0100Once upon a time, there were two people, a boy person and a girl person. The girl person had a hat that she had made from a pattern on the internet when she was guiding night paddles in California. The hat had soft black fleece on the inside and dark green wool on the outside, and though it was supposed to be reversible, she always wore it with the soft fleece inside, and her head was kept very warm on those cold trips. The boy person, whom we’ll call Mr. Gecko, had seen the hat several times and had commented on it. When the people moved to Wyoming in the spring, the girl person had asked Mr. Gecko if he would like a hat like her warm two-sided one. He was not interested.

Months pass, the first few light snows fall, and the girl person finally finishes the last of the baby blankets that she had spent the summer working on. She tells Mr. Gecko, “Now I can work on stuff for me- the scarf from the yarn I bought for my birthday, bathroom decorations, that sort of thing!” Mr. Gecko turns to her with a pitiful look on his face and says “But what about my hat?”.

It's a hat post!

It’s a hat post!

That’s the story of how this hat came to be. I already had a thicker fleece yarn from our trip to California in my stash. We went to the LYS in town and found a thinner washable wool blend that would be great for the outside of the hat. I brought it with me on the plane to Memphis, and spent parts of the trip working on it. I finished it the night we were supposed to come back to the snowy Tetons.

I adapted the pattern that I found online (which is no longer available there), since I was using one yarn that was super bulky and one that was DK weight. I wanted it to be really warm, so I used half-double crochet for the DK weight wool blend yarn, making fairly tight stitches. The hat ended up really warm. So warm that it’s not quite cold enough here to wear it yet…DSC_0104