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IMAG0665Fall is a memory of crisp days, critters, and fiery colors blazing from the trees. Over the space of a week, we jumped from the barren, leafless after-fall to 3-feet-of-snow-already winter. Since I haven’t come into town for internet since we got back from vacation, this overdue post is going to be a random selection of winter photos. Speaking of random, the tomato cage in the snow is to mark where the fire pit is so that we don’t run into it with the snow blower. Mr. Gecko, brilliant man that he is, suggested that we turn it over so that no one (meaning our crazy beast or clumsy me) falls on the pointy end. DSC_0053Since we are on the subject of the crazy beast, I should tell you that our desert-born and -raised Sugar dog LOVES the snow. She jumps, runs, flails, rolls, eats, and otherwise frolics in the white stuff. She will also try to catch snowballs, and usually misses. Me, being the bright dogmama that I am, decided I would throw a chunk of ice in her direction. After she had missed the previous 6 snowballs, she somehow twisted and caught the softball-sized ice brick. Never doing that again. She didn’t care and wasn’t injured, but the sound that it made was horrible. DSC_0059This is not the best picture, but it makes me snort. Silly girl. IMAG0668The only time I have seen Sugar panic in the snow was on this walk. She hopped up onto the snowbank on the side of the road. It had been piled up by the snowplows, so the sides and top were firm and about 4 feet tall. On the other side was three feet of soft powder, which Sugar proceeded to fling herself into, thinking that it would be as firm as what she was standing on. Poof. She sank, and her eyes went really wide. She started flailing, and I was prepared to wade in and rescue her, but she wiggled around and got to the edge of the bank. With a little encouragement and a couple of attempts, she clambered up the side and made it back to the road. Good girl. IMAG0656The road home. Somewhere. IMAG0662I guess spiders like the snow. This dude was cruising around our front ‘yard’.IMAG0641There are several small herds of bison that winter close to us. They sweep the snow off of the grass with their heads, so their heads are usually covered with snow. DSC_0070 I call this one “Wishful Thinking”. This coyote was standing there staring at the bison.

DSC_0073I don’t know what he was hoping would happen. DSC_0066This is how winter has started for us in the Tetons. I love it. I love the snow and the cold and the critters. I love watching the beast play. I love crocheting or knitting while the snow falls and drinking hot tea and planning hearty soups to cook. I don’t love pushing a full shopping cart through icy slush, but at least the cart is full. I also don’t love shoveling the sidewalk to our door and have it fill in 20 minutes later, but nothing is perfect.