DSC_0012Warning: Sappiness ahead!

I know, I’ve already posted a Thanksgiving bit, but I wanted to write a separate post for something I’m especially thankful for.

Neither Mr. Gecko nor I can remember when we met. Sometimes it seems like we’ve known each other forever, but we didn’t know each other in high school even though we went to the same one. After high school, we would run into each other every so often, have a good long talk, and then go our separate ways.

In 2011, though, we ran into each other again at a little country bar. I saw him first, and I felt like I had been punched- surprised, breathless, shaky; a bit overwhelmed, honestly. We started talking, and pretty much talked for the rest of the night. (Sorry if I ignored you, Mrs. Rabbit.)

I went back to that same little bar the next week, wearing a particularly flattering outfit, hoping to see him again, with no luck. I sent him a Facebook Friend Request (ah, romance in the 21st century) and changed my profile picture to one of me (I think it was a fish before that. Or maybe a sea lion. I don’t remember) and then proceeded to wait. For days. Obsessively checking to see if he had accepted. (I never told you that part, did I, love.) He finally accepted, and we started chatting almost every night.

There were so many reasons for us not to get involved with each other. I had been in a relationship for a long time with someone else- it wasn’t a good one, and I ended it before I admitted to myself that I was in love with Mr. Gecko, but I was still dating someone else when Mr. Gecko and I started spending so much time together. Mr. Gecko was working seasonally for the Park Service, and would be leaving in 2 months to be gone for 8 months. Immediately jumping into a long-distance relationship hardly ever works. There were religious differences and political ones, differences in pet preferences (he hates snakes, I have no interest in having a skunk), food issues, etc. The first time I cooked Thai food for him, he thought I was trying to make him sick. Despite all that, I couldn’t stop myself. I fell in love and fell hard, and I’m still there.

Speaking of falling, I literally fell into his arms on our wedding day. I was walking out to see him, in my dress with him in his tux, and I missed a step down. Yes, there are pictures, and no, I’m not posting them.

Moving from Arizona to Wyoming was very stressful for me. I don’t know whether driving in separate cars made it worse or better, but I did not handle it well. On the second day, I spent a good hour in the car crying while driving (I know, not safe). We stopped at a gas station to fuel up and stretch our legs, and he could tell instantly that something was wrong. He held me, standing in the parking lot in 30mph winds and a bit of a drizzle, for as long as it took me to calm down, then talked to me until I felt better.

I had intended to share more stories, but this post has kind of gotten away from me.  I’m sitting in a public library writing this and am already teary enough. There are so many things that I love about my Mr. Gecko. He drives me nuts sometimes (seriously, leave my nose alone), but he also makes me feel all fluttery and twitterpated. We are a better match than I thought possible, and I love every day that we are together. Happy birthday, my angel. DSC_0100