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Mr. Gecko and I had a lovely trip to Tennessee. Note: Pretend that there is a picture of Graceland here. Mr. Gecko took several, but I forgot to grab his camera on my way into town today… I might remember to put it in later, but probably not. It was wonderful to see family and meet my new cousins (recipients of Baby Blankets One and Three). My Granny and I took Mr. Gecko to see some of the touristy sights. Picture the Peabody Ducks here. See Note above.

IMAG0585We also ate some amazing food: ribs from Blues City Cafe and the Germantown Commissary, fried chicken from Uncle Lou’s (twice), and an early family Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

Pecan pie, skillet bread, and pumpkin pie.

Pecan pie, skillet bread, and pumpkin pie.

We missed the first big snow here. We brought some with us, though- it snowed twice while we were there. (You’re welcome, people of Memphis.) IMAG0590Our friend, who watched the beasts while we were gone, sealed up the house for the unseasonable cold weather and left water running to keep the pipes from freezing. We’ll have to do that off and on until the snow gets high enough to insulate the walls a bit. Another friend ran the snow blower over our driveway so that we could pull right into the garage.

That's a picnic table. In our backyard.

That’s a picnic table. In our backyard.

Our first flight headed home was delayed long enough that we would miss our connection, so we stayed an extra night in Memphis. The friend watching the beasts had to leave the day we were supposed to get back, so another friend popped over and let Sugar out.

IMAG0632We returned home to snow, and to new studded snow tires on my car. Picture of studded tires here- I’m warm and comfy in the coffee shop and I don’t feel like walking across the street and taking a picture with my phone. Our mechanic drives past the airport on his way to work, so he swapped cars one of the days we were gone and switched out the tires on my car.

We are headed across the neighborhood (ok, it’s basically half a block away) for a Thanksgiving potluck this year, so I’ll be making pies and stuffing but not a full meal. I’ve also got plans for some small crafting this week, but nothing too involved.

The past year has been filled with many changes, and the associated stress and grouchiness on my part, but also many blessings. As I sit and watch the wind swirl the snow around, I am a very thankful Gecko.IMAG0634