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I know, I skipped book 12’s post. I did read it, it was a trashy romance novel, and it was not good.

Book thirteen is Jenny of the Tetons, by Kristiana Gregory. It’s a book aimed at 10 to 14 year olds, so it’s kinda cheating, but as I’m currently reading Stephen Ambrose’s tome Undaunted Courage, I’m ok with a hundred-page cheater book.

The story follows Carrie Hill, a fictional character whose parents are killed in an attack by Native Americans while traveling across the country in a wagon train. She is taken in by the Leigh family and learns to love Jenny, Beaver Dick’s Shoshone wife, as well as the rest of the family. The Leigh family were a real family who settled on the Idaho side of the Tetons in the 1860’s.
It’s been long enough since I’ve read a young adult book (other than the Harry Potter series, which I loved, and the Twilight series, which I loathed) that I found it difficult to evaluate this one.

It’s a short book, and most of the characters are not that well developed, but since it’s aimed at younger ones, I’m not sure if that’s normal. The historical facts included and the descriptions of the setting were well done, as was Jenny’s character development. Since it was a quick read, it was worth it. There are some “adult”ish themes in it, which are handled well, but it is something to think about if planning to give it to a younger person to read.