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DSC_0014DSC_0003We had our first sticking snow a couple of days ago. In town, it melted off pretty quickly, but up where we live, it’s still there (plus a tiny bit more from last night).

IMAG0568I find myself growing more and more excited about winter. An unusual reaction, I know, but I’m sticking with it.

DSC_0001We went to lunch at one of the local lodges a while ago, and our waiter had some good advice. He recommended embracing the winter, finding something to love about it and holding onto that. Since he’s from Alaska, I figured he would know.
IMAG0573So rather than dread the bitter cold, the snow that will reach to the roof, and the inevitable power outages, I’m going to look forward to it. Crocheting by the fire, walking the Sugar Beast in the snow, plowing my way through as many of the books on my to read list as I can. Mr Gecko is not as thrilled as I am, but Sugar loves the snow.
IMAG0567Moose SignWith the coming winter, our large southward migration is starting. On our trip to town last week, we saw elk, deer, moose, my favorite little herd of pronghorn, and a bear. Sadly, my camera was at home, so no pictures of those. I’m also seeing lots of animals on my way to work early early in the morning. Oh, and the reason that I have a favorite herd of pronghorn is that this buck (male pronghorn) has a herd of 8 ladies (does). He keeps them pretty close together on Elk Ranch Flats, next to the bison, and runs off other bucks. Dude’s a stud.
DSC_0013As a side note, I took a continental knitting class last night at our local LYS, Knit On Pearl. It was  great, and I picked it up pretty fast. I only learned the basics- knit and purl- but it made sense to me. I don’t know whether Mr. Gecko is happy that I’m learning something new to use up the yarn in my “room o’yarn” as he called it on Facebook, or nervous that I’m going to have an excuse to buy more yarn…DSC_0011DSC_0023One last little update. With the massive decrease in tourist traffic (all of the campgrounds are closed for the season), the park has been working on needed maintenance. This week, many of the trails around Jenny Lake have been closed so that helicopters can ferry in supplies for the trail crew to repair the trails in the area. This guy seemed to be pretty efficient- in the 5 minutes or so that I was at that overlook, he moved two loads of rock.