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DSC_0402This post was bumped when I realized that I was on my 100th post (one disadvantage of having to pre-schedule my posts). It’s been a week and a half since I wrote it…

DSC_0403I went to Idaho last week to visit family. I left pretty early in the morning, and I brought my camera along to take some pictures.

DSC_0404I didn’t stop at Oxbow Bend, which is a really popular spot for sunrise pictures, because there were way too many people already stopped there. I did stop further south, though.

DSC_0412I also stopped at Snake River Overlook.

DSC_0419It was a peaceful morning, and as I walked up to the edge of the overlook, an elk bugled.

DSC_0417About 10 seconds later, a woman, who had arrived the same time as I did, looked over and started swearing because the river was covered in fog. It kinda ruined the moment. Oh well.

DSC_0375The wildlife has been more visible and everything starts to prepare for the winter. There have been several road closures due to wildlife activity, and people are getting more citations for harassing wildlife because they can’t seem to understand why they have to stay a certain distance away. I have stayed away from those areas of the park, but I have been seeing lots of snakes waring themselves in the evenings.

DSC_0393Sage grouse have a bad habit of running out in front of cars. Fortunately, I was driving on a dirt road, slowly, so this little lady was not harmed.

DSC_0426This fox has been hanging out in our area all summer, but this is the first time I have seen it in the daytime. I took the first picture out our kitchen window, and Mr. Gecko took the second picture from the front door. DSC_0431