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Cricket Yoda

Cricket’s Halloween costume. As you can tell, she’s thrilled with the choice.

I wanted to write something profound and moving for my hundredth post, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Mr. Gecko and I just got back from a trip to California. We left Wyoming during a light snow, the car loaded with random things including a dog ramp for Mr. Gecko’s aunt’s dog and 155 frozen cupcakes, and arrived at our destination in hot and dry California 18 and a half hours later. It was a very, very, very long day, but having Mr. Gecko along made it much easier and better.The beasts stayed behind with our friend, who stayed over and spoiled them, which was lovely.

Some of the cupcakes...

Some of the cupcakes…

The cupcakes, along with 5 dozen more that I made once we got to California, were for the wedding of my good friend, who I’ll call Ms. Rabbit. In addition to chief cupcaker, I was a bridesmaid, so I have now been in the weddings of each of my bridesmaids. Along with the joy of having three trusted and loved friends, the OCD side of me is thrilled with the symmetry. The wedding was beautiful (I cried).

I’ve been keeping up with the drought news, so I expected to see evidence of it. I was expecting to see brown fields, which are somewhat normal for October anyway, but I was surprised by the lack of growth in those fields. Normally, the grasses are brown and dried, but they are also three feet tall by August. This year, the grasses were only six inches tall, if that. It was a bit of a shock to see all that has changed with the drought, and to talk with my friends about what they have to do differently now that there is so little water.

Sugar in her new yard, which was finished soon after we got back.

Sugar in her new yard, which was finished soon after we got back.

We took two days for the return trip, which was much more relaxed. On the way home, Mr. Gecko and I did some shopping for winter things- coats, snow pants, a new ice scraper (since the one I had in my car was broken while we were packing for the return trip). A fire had kicked off sometime during the morning that we left, and we just missed the highway being closed for drifting smoke. There’s never enough time to see everyone I want to see or do everything I had planned to do. It’s always a struggle for me, both to let go of what didn’t happen and to accept and be grateful for what I did accomplish. That was a little easier for me than it was for our last trip to California, since this trip was shorter and I knew that much of my time would be focused on Ms. Rabbit’s wedding.

(As a side note, if she reads this, I may get a snarky message from her about my choice of pseudonym… Hi, friend!)

The yarn I brought back from California.

The yarn I brought back from California.

Still, it was good seeing family and friends, hanging out and catching up. It was also good to be back where I lived for so long. The area has changed enough that I can miss it the way I remember it being without wishing I was still living there. I do miss the ocean, though, and my friends and family.

Sunset on Tomales Bay in California.

Sunset on Tomales Bay in California.