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I’ve been so busy exploring this area that I haven’t thought to post on the books I’ve been reading.

Ok, so that’s not exactly true. I’ve though to post, but I keep telling myself ‘next week’. Then when the next week rolls around, I have new pictures and such, and book posts get pushed back.I’m posting the collection now, though, so the next few posts will be book ones (followed by fall pictures, which I’m planning on taking tomorrow- the trees are stunning).

Books seven and nine are part of a series, so I’m posting them together, but I finished a book in between the two, so they are not consecutive. I picked up the first book in the series on a whim at a used bookstore a number of years ago, and have reread most of them since. This time, I finished out the series.

Naamah’s Curse and Naamah’s Blessing, both by Jacqueline Carey, are a sort of alternate history set originally in Terre D’Ange (France). They are the final two books in the third trilogy set in this world. The story follows Moirin, a young woman who has been blessed (and cursed) with an abundance of desire. She travels to far-off lands, first to find her father, and then to find her destiny. She gets captured by an over-zealous priest while trying to rescue her lover, and returns to her father’s country to finish business started in the first book in the trilogy.

These books, like the others in the series, are nice, distracting reads. They are well-written, if a little redundant at times, with exciting story lines and great descriptions. There are some thought-provoking ideas in there (talk about redundancy. Oh well.). The entire series is filled with … adult behavior… so it won’t be appropriate for everyone (but it is nice and distracting). I’ll probably reread these, along with many of the others in the series.