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Book six was one that I picked up randomly because it looked interesting. Down Among the Dead Men: A Year in the Life of a Mortuary Technician is written by Michelle Williams, a woman who changes jobs, from working with people who have special needs to working in the morgue of a hospital with the deceased. The book chronicles her first year or so as a Mortuary Technician as she learns the ins and outs of her new career, deals with the emotional side effects of her job, and comes to know the types of people who work with the dead.

The book was not quite what I was expecting, but I liked it. Because she comes into the job with little medical experience, the writing was not technical or overly medical, and the terminology was explained when she used it (or when she learned what it meant, which was usually within a paragraph or two). The book is filled with British slang, which I found entertaining, if a bit baffling at times. It was graphic, but not as disgustingly descriptive as some books are, which made the book appropriate(ish) for meal-time reading.  Ms. Williams deals with the situations and emotions she experienced in a frank, down-to-earth way, discussing what she saw and how she felt without belaboring her point. Overall, the book was enjoyable without being too deep, and I finished it quickly.