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Summer thunderstorm over Willow Flats.

Summer thunderstorm over Willow Flats.

There are so many flowers here…

Indian PaintbrushIndian paintbrush has been popping up everywhere here. It’s another one that has tiny little flowers surrounded bracts, which are the bright red parts that look like petals.





This is a bad cellphone picture of Coralroot, a parasitic type of orchid that feeds on fungus in the soil.

CoralrootA better picture of a different type of Coralroot.






Another bad cellphone picture, this time of the Columbine that randomly popped up in our yard a few weeks ago.



DSC_0224This one looks like some kind of monkeyflower, but I’m not sure. It was growing in one of the geyser basins in Yellowstone.

DSC_0275The gentians were also blooming in the geyser basins.

DSC_0245This is Monkshood, another modified flower with the sepal forming the hood part.

DSC_0251Mountain Wild Hollyhock has pretty pink flowers on a tall stem with large leaves.

DSC_0257We saw these on a hike around String Lake one afternoon.

DSC_0260This is Lewis’ Monkeyflower, also close to String Lake, which was named after Meriwether Lewis of the Corps of Discovery.

DSC_0263I think this is a Beardtongue of some type, but I’m not sure. This was taken during the hike around String Lake, but it had started to rain and I didn’t want to change to the appropriate lens.

String Lake, before the rain.

String Lake, before the rain.