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I promised a separate post on the bison in Yellowstone, and here it is. It’s mostly pictures.

We timed our drive home through Hayden Valley in Yellowstone for dusk, which is usually a period of high wildlife activity. We had no idea…
DSC_0539This was our first clue that there was going to be a delay.
DSC_0544A little further down the road, and we saw traffic coming from the other direction.
DSC_0551Every time the poor man in front of us would try to move, this bull boson would look at him and grunt.
DSC_0583We got past those bison, who made me very nervous by walking right next to the car…
DSC_0563I knew on an intellectual level that bison could swim. I was still ridiculously excited to see them wade right into the Yellowstone River. We pulled over to take pictures.
DSC_0570There were dozens of bison on both sides of the road, some feeding, some playing, and some swimming.
DSC_0590DSC_0614DSC_0643DSC_0669There were even bison calves. Cute little muffins…
DSC_0616The calves swam, too, but this one didn’t really want to.
DSC_0677DSC_0693DSC_0005Mr. Gecko took this picture.
DSC_0015He also took this one, which is of the most massive and impressive bull we saw that night.