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DSC_0140We’ve had lots of visitors over the last few weeks, which has been great. Last week, our friends and their kids were in town, so we went out looking for critters.
DSC_0156We found these two bull moose feeding in a pond. There were a few other people there taking pictures, but not so many that we felt crowded or rushed, and the moose pretty much ignored us.
DSC_0166On a hike, we saw this doe, who hung out for pictures.
DSC_0197We also saw lots of squirrels.
DSC_0209We saw a bear in Yellowstone. It’s in the picture. Trust me.
DSC_0318By far the strangest encounter with wildlife took place in my own house in between guests. Our friends had left that morning, and my dad was not due until the following night. I came home from work, let the dog out of her crate, and went to take her for a walk. Sugar ran a lap of the house, and then ran straight into her least favorite room (the bathroom), where the toilet started squeaking.
IMAG0502There may have been a few cuss words that slipped out when I looked into the toilet and saw a soaking wet, alive but scared Uinta ground squirrel looking back.
IMAG0501Notice Sugar’s paw in the picture? She really wanted me to fish out this new squeaky toy for her…
IMAG0503Sugar got locked back up, and I fetched a bucket, a towel, and the tongs that had been a wedding present from a couple of friends of mine (they were intended to be used in the desert, on snakes, but sometime ya gotta improvise). After a bit of figuring, I picked up Loo the squirrel, put him in the bucket, and dropped the towel on top of him. He chilled in the bucket for a while, then I brought it outside and tipped it over so he could take off. After a few minutes, he ran out, stopped, looked around, looked at me, and then walked away. Everyone had a happy ending except Sugar…

I did pick her up a new stuffed monkey a few days later, though.