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DSC_0126The second baby blanket for this year is one for which I had an idea but no pattern. One of my friends is having has had her second baby. For her first baby, I made a hexagon ripple blanket with a lily pad in the middle, and a little stuffed toad to go with it. A few months ago, I found out she is a Dr. Who fan, a big one, and I knew what I wanted to make for her. It took some trial and error, and some playing with new techniques and ideas, but I finally finished the Tardis-inspired baby blanket. It mostly involved looking at a picture of the Tardis and trying different things until it looked right.DSC_0127I used the tapestry crochet technique of carrying yarn under the stitches for much of it, which is something I hadn’t played with much. Because I was making a baby blanket, I used a looser tension, and so the blue yarn poked through the white on the windows.   The letters at the top are from Moogly’s alphabet patterns. I decided not to put the notice on the door, but I thought about it.DSC_0116When I finished the Tardis part, I realized that the blanket was an odd size and that it would be sturdier if I put a border around it. Using some thicker baby yarn, I crocheted around the sides and top. That made it a better size, but the thicker yarn tended to ripple. Tardis crochet blanketI want to play with the pattern a bit with thinner yarn for the outside (and probably include the edging color in with the main pattern rather than adding it after), so I’ll probably make another one, once I finish with baby blanket number three.