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DSC_0513While Mr. Gecko’s parents were in town, we took them up to Yellowstone. They had seen part of the park while they were on their way down to visit us, so we skipped the parts they had seen.

DSC_0199Since it was a hot day, there was less steam hovering over the pools in Black Sand Basin.
DSC_0196Green Spring had some wispy, “fragrant” steam.
DSC_0217Mr. Gecko took this picture of Emerald Pool from his vantage point. He also took a couple of pictures of us, in which we were unprepared and looked it.
DSC_0226Spouter Geyser, which had been merrily burbling away when Mr. Gecko and I visited here, was quiet on this visit, but left behind some neat rock formations.
DSC_0297We stopped at Midway Geyser Basin, which was new for all of us. There was a line to get into the parking lot, but we managed to find a spot and took the boardwalk up to the thermal features.
DSC_0277Mr. Gecko took this picture of Opal Pool.
DSC_0301Grand Prismatic Spring is a huge hot spring, and it is amazing. Many of the pictures that are show of it are taken from the air, where you have the best vantage point. There are also “social trails” on the hill opposite the boardwalk to get a higher view, but those trails are illegal and damaging to the area there. Even from the side,though, the colors are startling and beautiful. It also shows up on satellite photos.
DSC_0326The steam here was pretty thick.
DSC_0332More microbe communities.

DSC_0371Excelsior Geyser was once one of the largest geysers in the world. It had a bit of an explosion, and now it is Excelsior Geyser Crater. DSC_0360The water here looks like it belongs in the tropics.DSC_0364Even though it no longer erupts 300 feet in the air, it still bubbles off and on.

DSC_0415We stopped at Artist Paint Pots on our drive, but more on that later…
DSC_0487Our last planned stop was at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, where Upper and Lower Falls are located. DSC_0505We didn’t take any of the hikes around there, that will be another day, but we did stop at two of the overlooks to take pictures.DSC_0494The canyon walls have so many colors. DSC_0501There is a deep notch in the cliff beneath Lower Falls which allows more water to pour through there and makes a green stripe.
DSC_0588Our last unexpected stop was for a bison jam. I took over a hundred pictures of that, so it will get a separate post.