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DSC_0013One of the problems I have discovered with trying to post about wildflowers in this area is that I see new ones several times a week. The growing season here is short, so the flowers seem to burst onto the scene, get their business done, and then fade away quickly. I went down this road  one day a week before I took this picture, and the balsamroot was spectacular. Here, they are fading away. DSC_0016This is more lupine down the same road. They are still favorites of mine…DSC_0017… But the gilia is getting right up there. DSC_0026This is one of several types of phlox that grow here. I don’t know which one.DSC_0062Butter-and-Eggs is an introduced species here. This one is growing in our backyard. IMAG0455Harebell grows down the road from our house. It just recently bloomed, and I love looking at its flowers. IMAG0463These are Pussy Toes, which vaguely resemble kitten toes. The pink bits around the edge are not flowers, they are bracts, which are modified leaves. IMAG0460

I’ve got more flower pictures to come, once I figure out what they are.