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On the continuing adventures in Yellowstone National Park. Find the first part here.

DSC_0332Flowers grow in unexpected places here.DSC_0255DSC_0243
Further along the road from Old Faithful lies Black Sand Basin, home of more thermal features. This is Cliff Geyser, which flows into Firehole Creek. Cliff Geyser and Firehole CreekIt was a cool day, so there was … fragrant… steam everywhere. It was neat, but made for interesting photo taking.DSC_0374DSC_0401This is Spouter Geyser. I don’t know if it ever gets higher than this; while we were there it burbled merrily away like this.Spouter GeyserOpalescent Pool is off to the side in Black Sand Basin. There are bison tracks under the water through here. DSC_0440A little farther up the road is Biscuit Basin, which was our last stop before heading home.  DSC_0446There’s a flyfisherman in the Firehole River in the background.DSC_0450I found all of the color fascinating.DSC_0455DSC_0458Different microbes make the different colors.

DSC_0462DSC_0464This is Sapphire Pool, another pool that just looks so inviting. They’re not kidding about the “No Swimming” policy, though.Sapphire PoolThere were flowers here, too.

Cushion Buckwheat

Cushion Buckwheat


Still looking this one up.

Avoca Spring had some great shapes to it.Avoca SpringShell Spring had more fun shapes.Shell SpringWe finished our day with one last eruption, this time of Jewel Geyser.Jewel Geyser