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Mr. Gecko and I went up into Yellowstone National Park last week. He had never been there, and my last trip was, well, snowy. We took over 400 pictures (don’t worry, I’m not going to post ALL of them). There are too many to fit in one post, though, so I’m going to split this into 2.
DSC_0249We didn’t have any particular schedule for the day, so we took our time. This area of the park burned heavily in 1988, and is still recovering today.Lewis RiverComing into Yellowstone from the south, the road crosses the Continental Divide 3 times. Which is not much fun when it is snowing. This time, the weather was beautiful.
DSC_0167Keppler Cascades is a pretty place to stop for a bit.
Keppler CascadesThe time predicted for Old Faithful’s next eruption is posted all over the park. Because we were not in a hurry, we weren’t concerned about catching a particular eruption.
DSC_0188When it came time for Old Faithful to erupt, we walked over to where the large crowd had gathered. Thankfully, Mr. Gecko is tall, so he took the pictures this time.
DSC_0190DSC_0198Old FaithfulDSC_0227DSC_0239After a visit to the Visitor Center, we walked around the boardwalk that surrounds Old Faithful. There are many thermal features along this path, some named and some not.
DSC_0258DSC_0263Many of the pools were so pretty and blue that I wanted to jump in. That would be a really bad idea, though, since many of them are very very hot.
DSC_0353We inadvertently timed our walk really well. Beehive Geyser, which erupts irregularly, went off as we were waiting on the opposite side of Old Faithful. We were standing between the two, so we watched Beehive, then turned around and watched Old Faithful.
Beehive GeyserIt was a breezy day, and the wind shifted while Beehive was erupting, blowing the spray onto some of the onlookers…
DSC_0318And making those of us on the other side laugh. After Beehive was finished, it was a short wait for Old Faithful.


More pictures coming soon!