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Mr. Gecko took this photo.

The past two weeks have been pretty full, between work, exploring, and unpacking.
DSC_0130Last week was my birthday. These two cruised by our house a couple of days before, much to Sugar’s delight.
IMAG0434The day after my birthday, it snowed.

Perhaps I should hang this sign in our room.

Perhaps I should hang this sign in our room.


Bad picture of Sugar and her new friend.

Two days after my birthday, we woke up to no electricity. In the dark of our room, I knocked a handheld radio onto my toe, breaking it and turning it pretty colors. Go me!
DSC_0401We also went up into Yellowstone that day. More pictures to come!DSC_0299
Night before last, I was cooking dinner and heard a noise. My first thought was that one of the animals had knocked something over. This thought was fortified by hearing Sugar whine. I poked my head around the corner into the living room, and saw a buck looking in the window at Sugar and Cricket, who were looking right back. IMAG0444
My hands were covered in raw shrimp juice, so I didn’t get the “perfect” picture anywhere other than my memory, but I did take some photos after I dried my hands.