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DSC_0148Summer here has been spectacular so far. Wildflowers are blooming everywhere, and I’ve been trying to take pictures of all of the new ones I see so that I can identify them. I also went and bought a great identification book, since many of the flowers here are new to me.
DSC_0002This one is Heartleaf Arnica, and it grows all around our house.
DSC_0005There are Leopard Lilies that grow down the road from our house.
DSC_0009They can be hard to spot, since they flowers face down and the outsides blend in. They also don’t smell great.
DSC_0013These are Lanceleaf Springbeauty, also from around our house. They grow from corms, and the corms were eaten by Native Americans and settlers to the area. If Sugar knew they grew from corms, she would dig them up and eat them, too. Silly dog.
DSC_0016Woodland Star flowers grow behind our house as well. I thought someone had left some fake flowers there when I first saw them, since the stem is so bare and the flowers look like paper cutouts.
DSC_0049Arrowleaf Balsamroot is found all over the lower elevations of the park, and was also used as a food source in years past. This one was growing along the fence at the Chapel of the Transfiguration which is inside the park.
DSC_0030Wildflowers mean butterflies, and this little guy followed Sugar and I as we meandered around the house so that I could take pictures of flowers.

Some of the flowers I’m still trying to identify. It doesn’t help matters that most of these pictures were taken when I was walking the dog, so they aren’t the best for identification purposes. If you look at the first picture of the Leopard Lily, you’ll see Sugar’s leg in the background…