And how horrible I am about planning ahead in many ways.

IMAG0414Our internet is still spotty, and with 400 new neighbors in the campground next to us all trying to use the same cell tower, there’s not much chance of it improving soon. I had intended to come into town today prepared with witty posts and well-organized pictures all ready to upload, but that didn’t happen.

We are rapidly learning the amount of preparation a “trip to town” takes. When it takes an hour to get anywhere, forgetting to pick up something at the store (or forgetting to bring the rental agreement as proof of residency) is a bit more serious than when we were in Arizona.

This week has not all been about unpreparedness, though. I did get all of the book boxes unpacked, though, and the books organized and put away. It makes me feel more settled to have my paper friends in their proper places. Bubbles the Bread Mama was awakened, and I made garlic knots and a loaf of bread. I found the yarn I packed somewhere other than with the baby blanket in progress, and I really really want to get that finished so I can start on the next one…

So instead of pictures of wildlife and flowers and crochet goodness, I’ll leave you with a picture of Sugar seeing her first deer, who then greeted us at our door when we went to leave for our morning walk. IMAG0420Have a great week!