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I’ve started watching birds. I wouldn’t call myself a true birder, but the variety here is so fascinating that it’s hard not to check them out. DSC_0158
This one’s a Northern Flicker perched in a tree next to our house. I’m still learning their names and calls, but I’ve already seen many new kinds. Sugar and I saw a couple Cassin’s finches on a walk last week. They were gone the next time I came out with my camera.

Sandhill cranes have come to the area for the summer. They are neat birds, and fly with their necks stretched out, which I find entertaining. Sandhill CranesThis one is a Chipping Sparrow who was hanging out at a picnic area.DSC_0211This is a Yellow-Rumped Warbler at the same picnic area. DSC_0218That same walk, I watched this Bald Eagle for a while. I missed capturing him scratching his head on film, though. DSC_0207As I was returning to the car, I heard the Ground Squirrels giving their alarm call. I thought it was because of me, and was trying to get out of their space. I came around a corner of the path, and a Prairie Falcon was walking along the ground stalking the squirrels. We both were startled, and the falcon ended up taking off, which made me feel bad. DSC_0225DSC_0228I also took pictures of an osprey catching a fish; here’s a couple of them. There was a clump of willows in the way, so they didn’t turn out quite like I would like, but I was still quite excited.DSC_0179DSC_0186