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This last month has been filled with wonder.
DSC_0197Wonder at the beauty here, and wonder at all of the wildlife that is so present all around us. DSC_0122
Wondering how long the snow would hang on. Wondering what wildflowers would bloom.DSC_0034
The preceding sentences have been brought to you by Mr. Gecko, who also took the picture above and this picture:DSC_0079Each day is a new discovery here, and we haven’t gotten much else done. Once I get more used to leaving so very early in the morning for work, I’ll start bringing my camera and taking pictures of the early morning critters.

Most of the snow has melted from around us, but there is still snow on the mountains. When we first got here, the beach and lake were covered in ice and snow. DSC_0195
The bison are shedding their winter coats. DSC_0061It makes them itchy. DSC_0083Thunderstorms roll through every few days, bringing dramatic clouds.DSC_0161399 has come back into our area and has been causing bear jams along one of the roads. DSC_0238Bear jams are when cars pull off to the side of the road so that people can get out and watch the bears. It also happens with moose, bison, and sometimes elk. Most people are sensible about it,  parking off of the road and watching where they walk. There are always a few people who don’t pay attention and get to close to the wildlife or walk out into the road in front of oncoming traffic. Don’t be one of those people. DSC_0278I haven’t been crafting or reading much, but as I get adjusted to our new schedule, I plan on catching up. I’ve got two baby blankets to finish and not much time left to get them done…DSC_0291(This picture was also taken by Mr. Gecko.)