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IMAG0396I drove through Yellowstone last week on my way to visit family. It was the first day that the South Entrance was open for this summer, so of course it snowed.

I am still getting comfortable driving with snow on the road, so I didn’t see much of Yellowstone. I also didn’t stop to take many pictures. My first impressions:

White. Snow on the ground blending with the snow in the air and the clouds above so that the trees stand out starkly and the trace of the road through the snow seems to be the only thing grounding me. I was driving past a sheer drop off only to notice a branch “floating” in the snow covering an otherwise bare hillside.

A snow line so clearly delineated it looked like a giant level had been used to mark the line below which no snow could remain. Even the trees who stood midway between had snow down to the line but none below.

Rocks and waterfalls and rivers, but little wildlife.  I saw strangely colored pools, but I didn’t have time to stop to explore on this trip, just time to glance and say “That’s so weird. It’s pretty, but so weird.” to myself.DSC_0017

A forest of saplings so green they looked like a field of fresh spring grass surrounding the grown up trees.

I did manage to time it just right to see Old Faithful erupt. There were no… facilities… open until the area around Old Faithful, and I had had a large quantity of water, so I had to stop…DSC_0011