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DSC_0072We’ve been in Grand Teton National Park for a little over two weeks now, and I’m still unpacking. I think I’ll be unpacking for a while. I’ve taken loads of pictures, and I bring my camera in the car whenever I have extra time to stop on the drive. We’re pretty far from town, and I try to leave early as often as I can.

Tetons in cloudsIt was cloudy for the first days we were here, so we didn’t see the tops of the mountains for a while. Our household items didn’t arrive until two days after we did, so we spent those days doing a bit of exploring. We saw wildlife everywhere.

399 and cubThis is 399, a fairly famous grizzly, with one of her cubs. She’s 18 years old, and spends time close to roads, so she has been photographed frequently. She was pretty visible around our area for the first few days we were here, so I got quite a few pictures. Not having a giant telephoto lens, I didn’t get any real closeups, but that’s ok.

Male GrizzlyThis male grizzly was one we saw on our second day. He was digging in the snow at Oxbow Bend.

Grand TetonThis is Grand Teton in all its glory on the first clear day we had. I had to keep pulling over to look at the mountains, because they looked like a movie backdrop rather than real mountains.

DSC_0056Elk are all over the park right now. They are moving north off of their winter range, and can be found scattered around various grazing areas.

DSC_0333We’ve also seen lots of bison. This one was hanging out by the road one afternoon.

DSC_0339There’s a lake under all the ice and snow- Jackson Lake. The snow and ice have started melting off, so now we can see water. Very cold water, but still water.

Uinta Ground SquirrelThese little guys are everywhere. I didn’t think I would like them, but they are really cute. And they like to pose for cameras.

DSC_0088These moose were eating by Pacific Creek. Since there was no one behind me, I stopped and took some pictures.

Mountain BluebirdThis is a mountain bluebird. I’ve seen several of them, and this little guy was outside the Visitor’s Center one afternoon.

DSC_0049Osprey fish in the rivers and lakes here.

DSC_0027Speaking of lakes, this is Jenny Lake. The road that goes past it closes for the winter, and it opened up after we had been here for about a week.

IMAG0398Sugar is loving the snow, most of which has melted by now. She bounces up to the top of snowbanks and looks around, then flings herself down. I took this with my phone on one of our evening walks, so sorry about the blurriness.

IMAG0400This was my morning commute last week. Things are going well in the Gecko household.