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Alex Blanket 3Sometimes it seems like all I’ve done recently is make baby blankets. And move. There was definitely moving in there.

There was the one for my new godson.Prarie Star Baby Blanket
There was this one for my first godson’s preschool fundraiser. Baby Blanket

It’s not true, of course, but sometimes it feels that way. In between, there were these scarves, these boot cuffs, and wrist warmers that I’m still tweaking the pattern.

This particular baby blanket is one that I’ve had in mind for a while. When I lived in California, right before I moved to Arizona, I was given 50 Sensational Crochet Afghans & Throws, a great book of afghan patterns with lots of pictures. I saw a picture of a baby blanket laid out in the book and knew that I wanted to make it someday. After reading through the pattern, I decided that it was too complicated for me to want to work up for anyone else’s baby.

Move forward a couple of years, and my baby cousin is now grown up, married, owns a dog, and has a baby due any day now who was born last week (Welcome to the world, baby C. PS- you’re adorable!). I picked out the yarn colors while on our trip to California, two soft yarns, one in pink and one in gray, and one soft and fuzzy yarn in pink, gray, and hot pink. I picked them because I thought my cousin would like them and I liked the look of them together. I found out after the blanket was finished and ready to be shipped that pink and gray were the colors that she had chosen for her nursery. Whew!

The stitches for the pattern were not difficult, but it was a bit confusing, working it up. There were a few false starts, but it turned out nicely. The biggest oops was when I wrapped it up all pretty and stuck a little card to it, then boxed it up and shipped it. I got home from the post office and went to load the pictures of the blanket onto my computer, only to realize that I hadn’t taken any… My uncle took these for me, after the package had been delivered. Whoops! Alex Blanket 2