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Sugar in the car

Are we there yet?

Well. I had intended to schedule and post more after the last post, but obviously that didn’t happen. There were many things that I had intended to do before we moved, like organize my house more, finish a few projects, have time to finish a book, and vacuum before the movers showed up. Oh well. The posts I pre-wrote will be posting soon. We don’t have internet at the house yet, so I have to drive into town (a little over a hour) and upload things from coffee shop wifi…

So we’re moved now. Our house is lovely, if a bit smaller than the last one. We’re still unpacking and trying to find places for everything. Cricket has laid claim to several spots, some of which will be leaving.

IMAG0385The move went somewhat smoothly. The movers were great, and my mom was right- if it wasn’t nailed down or marked with blue “Don’t Pack” tape, they packed it. That included a small jar of bacon grease that I had intended to throw out and my mp3 player that I had intended to move before they got to the kitchen. Oops.


Mr. Gecko got waaaay too much amusement out of the number of boxes of books that were packed. Some of those boxes were cookbooks and some were his books, but I don’t know how many of each were there. The total number of boxes was… 27. And they are not small boxes.

IMAG0377We spent the week between when our stuff left Arizona and arrived in Wyoming cleaning our old house, traveling, and adjusting to our new place. All of the animals traveled well. Mr. Gecko had most of the geckos in his truck, and I had the remaining gecko (on the floor), Cricket (in a carrier on the front seat), and Sugar (seatbelted into the back seat). There were hitches here and there- leaving Arizona much later than we had planned, having to wait a day to check into our house, cleaning up cat vomit on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming (or maybe Idaho).

The tradeoff for the rough spots has been the beauty of this area. It has snowed a little every day since we arrived, but the snow on the ground is melting faster than new snow is accumulating. I haven’t seen the Tetons in their entirety because of the clouds, but what I’ve seen so far has been stunning. (Edit: I saw them on my drive down to town today!) On the first day here, I saw elk, bison, moose, swans, osprey, a bald eagle, and grizzly bears. I’ve traded one amazing place to live for another. Pictures will be coming soon!

PS- I have a dishwasher for the first time in 2 years. It’s amazing. Even the critters are fascinated…IMAG0389