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Colorado River2The second week in January, my husband and I took a day trip to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We went to the North Rim last year, but were waiting for a less popular time of year to go to the South Rim. We also brought along our new Garden Gnome, just for fun. Combat Garden GnomeDesert View Watchtower

The first place we stopped after we entered the Park was Desert View Watchtower, a tower designed by Mary Colter. It’s filled with fascinating detail, from the precisely placed rocks on the exterior to the paintings and petroglyph replicas inside.

Wall Painting

This was my favorite of the wall paintings.

Tower Outside

I loved the attention to detail in the stonework.

Mural inside Watchtower

The interior walls were covered with murals, pottery, and reproduction petroglyphs.

Grand Canyon2Grand Canyon1

We stopped at most of the viewpoints along East Rim Drive. Many of the viewpoints are easily accessible, with amazing vistas visible from the road.

Shoshone Point2

My favorite was Shoshone Point, which is available by special use permit for weddings and the like. The trail to the Point is narrow and uneven, but the views from the Point are stunning.

Shoshone PointWe didn’t see every viewpoint or visit every museum, there wasn’t enough time. The South Rim is much more developed than the North Rim, with more museums, gift shops, food options, and informational displays available. I liked the feel of the North Rim better. Man of the views were not as dramatic on the North side, but it is easier to find a place to be alone there. Even so, I’d love to go back and visit more of the South Rim. Grand Canyon Sunset