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Cricket is not amused.

Welp, I think it’s time we discussed the elephant in the room, aka my resolution from last year. The one that I didn’t completely keep.

2013 was a good year for me. It had some downs, but most of it was up. I did a little yoga, but not consistently; I finished some WIPs, but not that afghan; I didn’t learn to use the Serger, but I did make some fun things on the sewing machine.

I made a strong start on my resolution, but between the busyness of summer and the craft projects of fall, I only made it a little more than halfway to my goal. I read 31 new (to me) books this past year, and I am good with that. I also reread about 30 old favorites. According to maths and rounding, that’s 60% of my goal. Since that is more new-to-me books than I have read in a year for the past few years, I consider it a semi-success.

Until I sat down to write this today, I thought I had figured out what I would do for this coming year. I was going to give up (again) on resolutions, purge my to-be-read shelves, and just post book reviews for books occasionally. Now that I am actually sitting here, though, my plans have changed.

I am still going to purge my TBR shelves. Going through this reading challenge provided motivation to read new books, but there are books on my TBR shelf that I can no longer remember why I wanted to read. There are also books that I want to read, someday, but I couldn’t motivate myself to read them this past year. One day in the next 2 weeks, I’ll be going through my shelves and removing books that I don’t think I’m going to read in the next two years.

I’ve got some softer goals for 2014:

  • I intend to do more training with our smart, manipulative, driven Sugar beast. We both enjoy it, and I’d like her to have better manners.

    Baby Blanket

    My latest baby blanket, for my godson’s preschool fundraiser.

  • I have several baby blankets to make this year. I also have gotten some really fun yarns and threads that I haven’t used. My goal for crochet is to work through some of my stash, try some of those projects that I’ve been pinning, and finish some WIPs. I may even start an Etsy.
  • I’m also going to get back to a regular yoga practice.Sugar Antlers

My resolution for this coming year is to read at least 32 new-to-me books. I’ve also decided not to beat myself up over buying and reading new books ahead of older ones. I think that will help keep me motivated.

If you made a resolution for last year, I hope that you kept (or not) it to your satisfaction. Either way, I hope your New Year is happy and productive.