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I found the fabric for this bag at our local superstore, which is just about the only place that carries sewing supplies around here. I loved it, and decided that I wanted a bag out of it. I spent some time looking at pictures of bags online, didn’t find one that I liked that I felt was in my current skill range. So I (somewhat foolishly) decided to make a pattern for it myself. I bought coordinating lining fabric and bias tape (for the piping), magnetic snaps, and a heat bond stiffener.

I learned many things through this project:

Bag Pattern

When creating a pattern, it helps to make a mock up to see how everything will work. Or have lots of the fabric you want to use.

Heat Bonded Pieces

The pieces of the first attempt. Notice the sideways print.


When cutting the fabric, make sure that the print on the fabric is lined up the way that you want it to look on the bag. Or have lots of the fabric that you want to use.

Side Gather

I put two pleats in each side at the top.









Trying multiple new techniques all at the same time is frustrating.

Top Pieces



When making a bag that you want to be “washable”, make sure that all of the components are, indeed, washable. Notice the cardboard that I used to reinforce the magnetic snap. Not washable.




When in doubt, pin the snot out of it before sewing. I don’t have a picture of that part, but I did take a picture of the outside of the purse after sewing but before lining.

Cricket Bag



Make sure that you have or can get the materials you need before you start the project. I wanted to put square rings on the side to hold the handle. I assumed that I could get them here. Not so much. I used key rings instead. No picture of that either. Here’s a picture of Cricket instead.


Take it slowly. Even if you have to put the project on hold for a week. Which I did. Twice.Finished Bag, in

Most of these things will be obvious to people who sew regularly. Many of these were things that I had heard at some point, but I didn’t think of them during the process.

I’m happy with how the bag turned out, even if the stitching isn’t always straight, and one of the sides has a weird bit at the top. I will use the things I’ve learned for my next project. We’re planning on taking a trip with Sugar, and I’d like a bag that will hold her toys, bowls, and such.Finished Bag, out