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My great grandmother made wonderful things with her sewing machine. Growing up, she would make us bags and pajamas, dresses, and anything else we wanted. I still have many of the bags that she made for me, and I use them to keep my crochet projects together.

I have a sewing machine, which I am learning how to use. It originally belonged to my husband’s grandmother, and it’s been kept in good working condition. Thankfully, it was given to me with the manual, or else I’d have very little idea what I’m doing. Crocheting is still my main craft, but I’ve been sewing when the mood strikes me.

ApronMy first project was an apron for work. I found the pattern and instructions on Sew Happy Geek. I made it one morning, and for my first solo project, I’m really happy with it. Sorry for the blurry picture- I was trying to take it in a hurry before work.

Dino Bib

My second project was a dinosaur baby bib that I found a pattern for in an old issue of Annie’s Quick & Easy Pattern Club magazine. I made it for my friend’s baby when we went to visit them.

Finished Bag, outMy third project is a purse that I came up with a pattern for, because I thought the fabric was adorable. I learned many things during this one, and I’ll put up more about it later.