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Monsoon2It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written anything, so it’s time for a bit of an update. Summers in our little tourist town are very busy. When you take a little town, throw in over 20 hotels plus campgrounds and vacation rentals, the population can more than double. Shopping trips and dinners out have to be scheduled a bit more carefully to avoid the worst of the crowd. By the time I get home from work, I don’t have the energy to do more than sit and read (or crochet). I have taken time out to enjoy life, though. Here’s some of what’s been keeping me grounded, in no real order:

Sleepy Dog

This has become one of Sugar’s favorite sleeping positions.

My husband, family, and friends. Always. Also, the antics of Sugar and Cricket are always entertaining.




Baby Gecko

Just hatched baby on its way from incubator to little tank.




I had a baby gecko hatch three weeks ago, a bit earlier than expected. He or she is doing very well.







While most of my garden is doing poorly, my flowers have exploded.

Verbena hybrid

Black Petunia

Fringed Star Dahlia

Fringed Star Dahlia

Dahlias, which I have never grown before (and almost didn’t grow because of Sugar), seem to like me. This has led to me looking at online catalogs of dahlias for next year. There are just so many…

Marble Boll Dahlia

Marble Boll Dahlia

The monsoon season in our area has been particularly spectacular. This storm had plenty of lightning and exuberant thunder.


Last year, I noticed that we had a hummingbird nest right outside our back door over the air conditioning unit. The female started to use it, but then abandoned it once we turned the a/c on. This year, she has stayed. I may be anthropomorphizing, but I think we are friends. She adjusted to me coming in and out of the back door quickly, and now she will fly up to the window that faces out into the yard and wait for me to come up to it. I went out and bought a dwarf crepe myrtle and a phlox to add to the zinnias, dahlias, salvia, and sweet William already back there for her to enjoy.

Baby Hummingbird1

Last week, I noticed movement in the nest when the female was gone- there’s a baby in there.



This picture is from today- he or she is getting a little big for the nest. (Both pictures were taken with a zoom.)

Baby Hummingbird2

I went out this morning to water the flowers and take some dahlia pictures, and had a wonderful little encounter. The female hummingbird has taken to sitting up in the large tree in our yard rather than on the nest. She defends her territory, though. A larger hummingbird came into the yard for a snack while I was out there, and mama bird flew down to chase him off. They did some aerial acrobatics four feet from me, then he went for the zinnias (which was where I was standing). Mama bird flew between the larger bird and myself and chased him off. Then she took a drink from a zinnia, came closer, and hovered an inch from my fingers, looking at me the whole time. I was holding my phone, which has a lovely video camera, but all I could do was stand there and smile.