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This post somehow got missed. It should have posted three weeks ago. Oops…

My lovely husband gave me a Kindle for my birthday last week! I finished my first book on it, and I love it. I’m not going to give up real books; I love them too much. But that little device in its pretty blue cover has many advantages. I usually have two books in progress, so I can have one on the Kindle and one paper one.

So book seventeen was read on my shiny new Kindle. I read Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, which is the first book in the MaddAddam trilogy. I love Margaret Atwood’s novels, and I read Year of the Flood, which is the second book in the trilogy, a couple of years ago without realizing it was part of a series.

Oryx and Crake is set in a future where humankind has almost completely destroyed itself. The narrative switches back and forth between a time in the past where corporations rule and science can give people whatever thy think they want, and a time in the future where one man has survived the destruction. Going by the name Snowman, he tells the tale of his childhood in the Compounds of science, and his struggle to survive in the future.

The writing in this book is skillful, and the twists are unexpected. The storyline is confusing at first, but become clearer as the book progresses and answers are revealed. I enjoyed this book, like I’ve enjoyed all of her books, but I liked Year of the Flood better. I have several more of her books on my To-Be-Read shelves that I plan on enjoying in the future.